of hearth n heart, way cool

it’s easy eclectic with 70s retro emphasis, classical modernism done in natural materials to evoke the spaciousness of a loft; where cozy opulence likewise invokes the stateliness of a manor home

it’s about decorating on a silver shoestring – uniqueness & beauty are not cash-reliant

it’s about right-brain creative design philosophy – trusting one’s visual inner voice & being true to taste that reflects you

where intuitively gathered finds over time form a soothing yet elegant visual norm

where a new-old home invokes generations of yore, a domestic story in the making, a home nestled into wooded hills & where a regal, young buck stopped to rest n bless right outside the kitchen window….buck

stay tuned for photo essays & quips to better explain the thoughts & motives behind the looks & follow modlodgeluv on instagram

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