bedrock granite

the close-up of the bedrock granite that will soon be our kitchen countertop looks like a view through a clear, slow stream – can’t you just imagine reaching through the water and picking up a smooth, round river rock?

what magic, what masterpieces our benevolent earth has crafted for us.

do we have the wisdom to appreciate even in some small part all that we have been gifted? based on the destruction i see and hear of, i think for the most part, sadly not.

but for those of us who get it, we will consume with conscience, waste as little as possible, choose with care, own and hold with cherished regard every work of art, every object, every beloved little piece of crap we possess. we will honor our prosperity at every level and live like kings, no matter the size of our coffers

bedrock granite – a miracle of terrestrial craftsmanship, a memory brought to life of a little girl who gathered river rocks from a wisconsin quarry, who saved them in a red, plastic fish-shaped wagon, who just for the fun of it, spent long minutes dousing the rocks with water from the garden hose, just to see the colors and crystalized granules come to life, again and again and again…

…now she plays house, and it is as fun as it ever, ever was.

granite1 granite2