…but inside, it’s so delightful…

12/18 post:

 some new thoughts shared in the comments section, about illuminating the long, dark nights as well as the darker days of inclement weather, in particular of the Autumn and Winter months, at Houzz

additionally, check out @modlodgeluv on Instagram, where i added a 4-part post on illumination: candles, fires & fireplaces, lamps & whimsical lighting, & nightlights

original post:

with the advent of warming & cooling trends as reflective of a morphing climate, with harder-hitting, earlier winters and cooler, rainier summers, gone for now will be those mild, drizzly christmases where hoosier tots wondered what santa’s sleigh would scrape up when landing on rooftops, for surfaces will now be long covered in blankets of white, as will be the countryside & our city scapes – they’ll all be dressed in “hol-oh-day style.”

at the mod lodge, we embrace our south dakotan & wisconsin roots. winter was always taken in stride & intelligently dealt with, from safe driving to saavvy dressing. let’s try to complain less about the weather, which we cannot change. instead, let’s deal with it accordingly, focus on the beauty and enjoy it, whether from the inside or out – all while remaining thankful & cognizant that a dry, warm place where to to hang one’s hat is no small thing, ever.

that being said, let is snow, let it snow, let it snow….

the quips that are my best-loved, retro holiday songs. “winter wonderland” and “let it snow” can’t ring more true or more resourceful: the weather is what it is so let us salute old man winter’s first deep breaths at our big house in the little woods and look around us, especially in those magical hours when snow has just fallen:

first, a view from the back deck, where with leaves gone we are left with a peaceful stretch of undulating hillside. second is the view from the center back sliding doors, massive 70s pella installations that still happily possess their original, long, wooden grips – so 70s late retro. then we last have a perrugia-area made, terra cotta sculpture i acquired on a trip to italy over a decade ago and literally carried back home. she is placed so as to gaze forever out the big bedroom windows; the newly present glow of the snowy landscape casts a light upon her serene face that is superior to any man-made fixture or device.

“oh the weather outside is (not so) frightful, but inside it’s so delightful…”snow1 snow2 snow3

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