ever green

modlodge luvs the second-phase bohemian chic, that of the mid 70s, when it blossomed to look back as first descendant of the 60s woodstockian boho-chic era, where hippies reigned as renegade flower children who embraced a new life style & means of expression, who then wrote their new Books of Ages on protest, sexuality & a spirited style that still beckons as it is fashion & style reincarnated for individualists of today and tomorrow.

modlodge recalls barbra streisand’s film – her baby – “A Star is Born,” in which babs wore her own threads – the finest gypsy couture – sang her own songs (co-written with the late paul williams) & put her permanent mark on 70s bohemian chic look & lifestyle, a design & fashion statement that surfaces again and again, touched later by grunge, impacted even later on by the coachella phenomenon often called “festival style.”

the modlodge’s chatelaine came of age in the 70s, so the word “Evergreen” will always be the song, always the invocation of life even in the deadest of seasons, always the sculptural forms of aestheic roads less travelled, when stark overtakes the lush: pinecone & branch, snow & icicle, heavy boots, sweaters & feather beds; hushed quiet after the storm, when home & hearth beckon like nothing else….

it’s fine china from the late 1950’s, called shasta pine, collected piece by piece over two decades. it’s gold-frosted metal groves of trees, situated on 80s burled-olive credenzas. it’s a collection of original paintings in an house-wide homage to a young wisconsin artist who renders en plein air with an immense, heart-stopping gift. it’s a nearly twelve-foot tall christmas tree, selected after laborious consideration, commensurate to its noble function of the season in a living room that commands nothing less than the grandest of forest firs. it’s “…like a rose, under the april snow, i was always certain love would grow/ageless & ever- ever-green..


evergreen1 evergreen2 evergreen3

evergreen5 evergreen6

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