high n low

when in a mod lodge, one is happily faced with a loft-like flow of generously proportioned rooms. a soft contemporary design aesthetic lends solid symmetry to the beamed cathedral ceiling, which in turn lends grace to the nave that is the main floor living space. situated on a north-south axis, large panes of glass welcome in the wooded grounds & ever-changing skies. natural light fills the space but does not bombard it with blinding, fade-inducing sunshine

in this open-air domestic environment, consideration for the visuality of the voids and acoustical crafting are required, & so in addition to furnishing for the human element, the highs n lows are decorated, demarcated & made as beautiful as any shelf or tabletop. high n low pertains to savvy acquisition & acceptance of pedigree not beholden to labels or names. at the mod lodge, high n low pertains also to consideration of the smallest corner, the nook, the cranny

great spaces possess great space.

consider the floor. tidbits lead the eye & a warming visual surprise blesses one’s observational abilities: an antique walnut lap desk found under the coffee table, as if stashed by a poet caught penning a secret sonnet; an amber glass pumpkin that looks out upon the front drive, surely a golden carriage-in-waiting; the regal bust of some patriot child in the wine closet, standing silent guard over cabernets & merlots

it includes the air itself. a massive yet graceful stairwell is highlighted by a silk kite the color of dried bittersweet, which calls out, “second star to the right & straight until morning!” as it spins ever so slowly in the rising air. it is lanterns & iron candle holders suspended from the ceiling, there to serve in lieu of curtains deemed less than necessary in a house naturally cloaked by the foliage of surrounding woods. it is a massive, vintage confetti-lucite light fixture, burnished with the decades but hanging like a steadfast harvest moon, softly illuminating….

modlodge luv is about careful considered eclecticism, curated so all elements work harmoniously to create a homescape founded on whimsy & forethought, but with a decidedly contemporary edge. it is negative working with the positive, old complementing the new, high dollar acquisitions (but only where warranted) set against low-end finds that speak of creativity, not pretense. it is a rediscovering of the more recently passed decorating eras not yet recognized as such by the masses, where retro moves beyond the mid century mark & considers late 20th century design highlights as worthy of equal regard. modlodgeluv is the warmest cool of all

candles westerwald

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