huff post & articles

kimann is also a writer-illustrator & has blogged at huffington post since may 2013.

click here to see kimann’s huff post home page with links to many previously published HP pieces

to see all her past posts with links, please go to and click on the Huff Post listing in the general search bar

her trendy wendy mini series at huff post delves into wearables & style philosophy. she also writes on decorating & the home, not to mention diverse other areas of personal interest & conviction. below are a few huff post pieces pertaining to style & philosophy of the home:

super-size my foyer: on size and snark of mcmansions

trendy wendy: what’s up with wrapped book fake lit displays?

thomas jefferson  and our ancestral tabbed browser

here also is a blog post in which kimann was quoted, nicely merging fashion philosophy with style in the home: saxon henry – the refined touch of de la renta at century furniture


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