little still lifes

some may think it fussy or obsessive & unnecessary. i think it is a deep seated aesthetic sensitivity that visual people cannot help but possess – & hopefully embrace. a good problem to have, as they say….

we cannot help noticing. we cannot help fussing/dabbling/tweaking – call it what you will. DETAILS. we are wired to appreciate & desire visual balance & aesthetic consideration wherever we might find our selves, but most of all in our own living environments – our homes

& so the knick knacks, the essentials, the fluff as well as the basics are considerately placed, regarded & cared for. they are our little still lifes

“double bunnies” painting & framed by hunt slonem; turned wood urns by mark waninger


epergne stilllife11

stilllife8 stilllife4

stilllife2 stilllife1 stilllife12 stilllife6 stilllife5 stilllife3 stilllife7 stilllife10duo

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