m bath

the master bath at the mod lodge is a cozily scaled array of 3 rooms, centered on a symmetrical main space in which dual sinks, mirrored walls & floor-to-ceiling cabinets reside. focal point here is a chandelier that hung in my bedroom as a child, a classic upside-down-crown with a soft french retro feel, a most fave look

nearly every bath i have ever decorated has been treated with hand painted, stenciled walls. here at the mod lodge, i am doing the same. walls were painted a burnished old brass color aptly named “artifact,” & one ceiling was painted a deep, bold gold. the walls, imo, insisted on a mid-c, euro-style wallpapered-type of field of geometric medallions. i purchased two stencils, one large, one about half size, & three shades of gold paint, coppery antique gold to light 14k, which i dabbed in with a sponge so as to gently marble the shades, adding nearly imperceptible punch to the sheen. the medallions were scattered intuitively on all walls, denser low, more sparse on high, so as to underscore the verticality of the mod lodge spaces. care was taken to fractured medallion halves, placed at edges & in corners, to suggest to any eye that the pattern goes on & on

my plus-1 project was to nab 2 massive, eastern-motif mirrors via online clearance (low cost nicely entices one to play with the purchase), which i also stenciled, also in wallpaper style, so that the mirror frames would match their host walls. what i love is when a project such as this surprises me with its success, exceeding expectation. the dual, windowed reflections of the twin mirrors pair perfectly with the glowing medallions on the walls of the alcove in which the wonderfully preserved, original sunken tub is situated, creating a luscious, private space at the mod lodge.


bathb bath1

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