’tis the (other) season

my favorite time of year is the fall, for so many reasons.

& halloween is honored as it should be – there is, after all, a little dark in all of us and in everything. it should be therefore duly noted, then laughed at & dispelled so as to be enjoyed for the essential beauty & mystery it holds on every last one of us….

whether glass pumpkins that greet neighbors year ’round or paper mache eyeballs gazing out from vintage teakwood salad bowls, “eye see you!” is our acknowledgement of not only a way fun holiday for kids big n small, or reflections on our flawed, inevitable but oh, so normal human condition, but also, very simply, our acknowledgement of – you.

& that baby holly shrub in our newly finished front yard? why, it’s there in honor of the greatest ghost story ever told, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. remember that thing about being buried with a stake of holly through one’s heart…?

original painting by polina gora – ‘maleficent’ photo signed by the film’s director

hall1 hall3 hall6 hall7 hall9 hall4 hall5 hall8

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