whimsy – that which inspired joy in one’s childhood, which now guides one’s aesthetic as an adult

in a word – in hundreds of thousands of words – the books i read in my youth formed indelible impressions upon me, that now i realize surround me representationally at the modlodge. i was a total bookworm as a child; i like to say i ate books as a kid. my vocabulary, my fascinations, my bookmarking of place & time, my teachers of the world & universe – romance, history, adventure – were formed thanks to the grand gift that is literature. the more i consider this, the more i realize that bookmarked elements exist everywhere in my home, joyful carryovers from my luv of lit.

all that i together with my husband have collected for our household – our carlinesque “things n stuff” – acquired in bits n pieces over time & generally on a silver shoestring budget, represent us, therefore, in an honest & heartfelt way.

Top dollar is never needed for True-To-Self Uniqueness.