the bath

everything is old is new

…an adage on the cyclical nature of style & the joy in a great deal that is also a great find. it is repurposing of the best kind: vintage & resale collecting. i say i like to shop the world in my pajamas because that is exactly what i do – surf 1000s of miles n items for that just-right object, that just-right price, laid claim to with a leisured glance & a click. i call it silver shoestring decorating – only fools need to be excessively parted from their money. the wiseman gathers true to self in terms of taste & quality & hangs on to the proverbial rainy day penny.

a recent find is this retro-french-provincial shadow box shelf, 60s no doubt, in wonderful condition with just the right amount of patina & flawed glass to give it character. i tucked it into a recess nook in a guest bath that needed livening up. but in a house in which kids roam, what to fill the shelves with that would 1) look perfect 2) be safe, which is to say break-proof in a room where hard surfaces reign, where bare feet need not be placed at risk should shards of fallen bric brac fly?

the answer fulfilled a fun little wish – you know those exquisitely boxed & wrapped hostess soaps? truth is, they look best en masse & via close-out pricing allow for acquisition en masse, to the extent i could create a cheery array. not only does it look great, you also have hostess gifts at the ready in this fragrant & colorful display

ditto on my daughter’s bedroom set, a 60s french provincial set that included an exquisite vanity, on online find. we hauled a trailer to lenore, north carolina, where the set had been originally built, to pick it up. now beds wear vintage fringed bedspreads & a computer corner is sheltered behind the fauna & flora of a vintage metal screen – my daughter’s own discovery. she’s picking up where i leave off, as it should be….


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